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Strainsense Enterprises, Inc. originated in 1973 and has a reputation for excellence in designing and building innovative research and testing systems. By manufacturing exceptional customized research and testing systems for over 40 years, Strainsense Enterprises has moved into the international market. We have an outstanding engineering and design team and high standard for quality control, allowing us to meet ASTM/NIST and customer quality specifications. Strainsense Enterprises manufactures a variety of standard grade and calibration load cells including, standard compression, standard tension, hollow compression and tension to name a few. Not only is each load cell designed to meet ASTM specifications, but we strive to meet our customer’s physical and electrical expectations as well. Our load cells are individually machined by high-skilled machinists with outstanding experience. Our CONAMP 20 calibration system is designed to enable one operator to perform a complete certification or load check. This machine is a digital load indicating device that utilizes load cells as force sensing devices. With the options of being ASTM, E74 or ASTM, E4 certified, it allows operators to use it as a primary calibration standard for certifying load testing machines or check the load validity of testing machines on a routine basis. We also offer wire rope, sling and chain testing systems and prestressed concrete load cell testing systems. We also offer UCAL system rental for those yearly calibrations, allowing you to rental a custom certified calibration system to fit your needs. If you need repairs or servicing on any existing products, whether it is manufactured by us or not, our service department is ready and willing to give you the help you need in a short time period. With our exceptional customer service team we are available to answer any questions regarding our products and services. Please visit our website or give one of our representatives a call today!

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Force Sensors

Force Sensors

Force sensors are transducers that transform mechanical input forces like weight, tension, compression, torque, strain, stress, or pressure into an electrical output signal whose value can be used to...

Load Cells

Load Cells

A load cell is a transducer which converts mechanical energy (tensile and compressive forces) into electrical signals. There are different transducer operating principles that can be utilized to convert forces...

Load Pins

Load Pins

A shaft instrumented with a Wheatstone bridge for detecting double shear deformation is a load pin, also known as a "Clevis pin" or a "dynamometric axle," or a particular type of weight sensor for overhead equipment...

Strain Gauge

Digital Strain Gauge

A strain gauge is a sensor for measuring variations in resistance when a force is applied, then converting those changes in electrical resistance into measurements. Strain gauges are made from long, thin pieces of ...

Types of Load Cells

Pancake Load Cells

Load cells measure weight in the inner workings of a mechanism. They have a spring, made of steel or aluminum, with a strain gauge. The spring is very sturdy but minimally elastic and responds to every load regardless ...

Uses and Advantages of Load Pins

Load Pin

A load pin is a sensor utilized to measure force or weight in various research, control, measurement and testing applications. The load pin force sensor converts a force into an electrical signal. The load pins provide...

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